What I’ve Been Doing

Felted PouchesI’ve been working on some new patterns to make felted pouches 🙂Fair FoodA couple of weeks ago D and I went to the Southern New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo and ate some awesome fair food.  D got fried pickles and string fries.Fair FoodAnd I got carne asada tacos.  We both got Texas Twisters to drink.  Then D got deep fried oreos and I got a deep fried twinkie – so awesome!  I wish I had a picture!Our Green Chile HarvestD grew all of these chiles in our garden this summer.  He smoked most of them to make smoked chile powder.Sushi Rainbow Roll Spicy Hand RollI took a day trip to Albuquerque last week and stopped at my favorite sushi restaurant Shogun Sushi.Giant Asian SupermarketOn the way home I stopped at this giant Asian supermarket on Gibson that I’ve been wondering about for a while.MochiI came home with these mung bean mochi 🙂CatAnd I’ve started knitting a batch of toys for La Casa

More pictures later!

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