My Rainbow of Books & Other Projects

Rainbow BooksI organized Rex’s children’s books by color order this week and it’s super cute!  It’s something I’ve always thought looked great on bookshelves but I usually arrange my books by author.  But I think it’s a great way to organize children’s books and it might help Rex learn his colors.  His books used to be on the lower shelves but he was pulling out my vintage cookbooks every day and carrying them around the house.  I thought he would carry his own books around and maybe look through them if I put them up on the second row of shelves where my vintage cookbooks used to be.  Nope! I think the vintage cookbooks are his favorite no matter where I put them. They are pretty cute.
SuperI’ve also been working on some fair isle beer can cozy designs.
BeerI love incorporating words into my knitting and this is another new way to do that.  I currently have designs for the words SUPER and BEER, and I’ll be working on more soon.  Stay tuned for pictures!
Pecan Pancakes for RexSince this post is about projects, I’m going to also get caught up on a few from Christmas vacation.  One of my projects over Christmas vacation was making pecan pancakes for Rex.  They were very tasty and freeze well and are now a daily snack that I can send with Rex to grandma’s house.  I substitute whole wheat flour for half of the flour called for in the recipe.  The recipe is from the book Blender Baby Food.  I was super excited to order this book a few months ago but never ended up making anything from it until now.  I’ve made these pancakes twice already and will make them again as soon as we run out.  The recipe is actually called Nutty Waffles in case you are interested in trying them.  We don’t have a waffle iron and the cookbook was right when it said that the batter makes awesome pancakes too.  I love when I find a recipe in a cookbook that I really like.
Rex and Mini BuntingI also made mini-bunting for Rex’s room out of felted wool that I had put aside.  It really complements the other decorations in his room, which include Charley Harper alphabet cards and the bunting that I made for his comic book super hero first birthday party.
Felt BuntingI also made a mini-bunting for the door to his room.  It feels like a much more colorful and cozy environment for him now. Have a great weekend everyone!

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