A Tale of Two Zoos

On Friday Rex and I we went to not one but TWO zoos and had an epic adventure.28106736504_c64fcee159_oRex’s school closes on the last Friday of every month for professional development. During his Friday off in June we went to the El Paso Zoo and had a great time. We ate cheeseburgers, looked at the animals, and Rex went to the splash pad for the first time. It was our second time visiting the El Paso Zoo and I definitely wanted to take him back again. 28106739434_55fbc89089_oA friend of mine told me that you can become a member of the Alameda Park Zoo in Alamogordo and then use your membership at reciprocal zoos for half-price admission. The Alameda Park Zoo is an amazing small zoo (the oldest in the Southwest!) and they have many animals that are native to our region. There is an area where you can feed ducks. And they have lots of bald eagles!28108920833_c39ae5cac8_oRex and I left the house early because you need a lot of time to enjoy two zoos! But first, since it was a Mom & Rex adventure day, we needed to start off with a visit to the King’s Treasure Thrift Store in Alamogordo for some bags of matchbox cars (mine had a retro brown vehicle!) craft supplies, a vintage sheet, and some shirts for Rex. Then we went to the Alameda Park Zoo to sign up for our membership, see all of the animals, and play a little on the playground. The Alameda Park Zoo is small enough that you can thoroughly enjoy it in a few hours. 28108922203_060d9e9c81_oWe ate lunch at the new Alamogordo Denny’s and played with the cars we got at the thrift store. Rex took a nap in the car as we drove down Highway 54 to El Paso.Our first stop at the El Paso Zoo was the Africa section. We skipped this section during our June visit because we wanted to eat the cheeseburgers first and it was also around 101 degrees. But this time we got to see a lion, giraffes, and zebras. Then we went to check out the sea lion before we headed to the splash pad. We found a door that led to a downstairs sea lion viewing area. It was the most peaceful way to see this swimming sea lion. He swam upside down towards huge glass panels and then gracefully turned and swam through a hole in the rock. We could have stayed there forever but we didn’t have a lot of time left before the zoo closed and we wanted to go to the splash pad.
28108926183_0d6844cd8b_o After the splash pad we took pictures in the photo booth. It’s something we do every time and one day we’ll have a big collection of our zoo photo booth strips. And what would a Mom & Rex adventure be without a visit to Savers? I don’t know and we’ll probably never experience that. We found some awesome Paw Patrol toys at the El Paso Savers and a few more shirts for Rex.

I’m so happy that our Alameda Park Zoo membership makes it really affordable to visit the El Paso Zoo. I see many more zoo trips in our future.

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