Holiday Baking 2016

This year it took me a little bit longer than usual to get into the holiday spirit. But Rex and I decided to make our gumdrop cookies one night while Darroc was working late. This started our holiday baking for the year.
We stopped at the Family Dollar on the way home because they have the gumdrops that were not processed in a facility that processes peanuts. We always get our gumdrops there because Rex has a peanut allergy.It was pretty late by the time we got home, ate dinner, cut up the gumdrops, and made the cookies. But we persevered! We put them into the oven and then Rex took the fastest bath ever so we could eat them for dessert before his bedtime.They were worth it. They were as giant and delicious as ever. This might have been our only holiday baking except that I saw a picture on Instagram of someone’s cotton candy fudge. WHAT?Rex and I had been on our way to Tuesday Morning when I learned about cotton candy fudge. When we got there we bought a bag of jelly beans because who doesn’t want jelly beans in their fudge? Cotton candy fudge is made with white chocolate, which Rex has never had, so we bought the ingredients for white chocolate fudge and regular fudge. We couldn’t find the cotton candy powder for the cotton candy fudge so we just used a lot of sprinkles. We bought the rest of our ingredients at Walmart and took the obligatory side trip to the toy section.We got home a little late but we were super inspired to make this fudge before Rex had to go to bed. And it was AWESOME! It was our first time making fudge and I think it will become a holiday staple like our gumdrop cookies. We made so much fudge that we had a lot to give away. We used this recipe for the white chocolate fudge (minus the cotton candy powder). I can’t find the recipe we used for the chocolate fudge but we mixed a can of icing with melted chocolate chips. SO GOOD.And this year we made a lot of our Christmas gifts with Shrinky Dink paper. Rex made this unicorn for his preschool teacher. Thanks for letting me tell you about our holidays!

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