Washboard Felts Update

Hey! Here’s a quick update on a new product line in my Etsy shop Washboard Felts.

It’s felted nesting bowls!I’ve been working on this new product line for a while and I’m super excited to share it with the world.
I made a set of felted nesting bowls for myself a while ago and started using them to store and transport my scrapbooking embellishments for Project Life pages.
And I personally think they are an awesome solution to storing embellishments. I used to store them in empty pocket pages in an extra album but I quickly forgot about them because they were out of sight. But felted nesting bowls fit right in the small size WRMK storage boxes and it’s super easy to see everything and carry them around.I just listed one set of nesting bowls in my shop and more will be on the way soon. I hope you like them!


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